ASUS Prime TF700

ASUS Prime TF700 is coming with a stunning stylish colors of a metallic spun finished design that gives ASUS TF700 a technology blended with style. This tablet is only 8.5mm thin and 598g light, makes ASUS Prime TF700 is very light so it’s not a burden for you to bring it everywhere.

ASUS Prime TF700 is eqquiped with excellent 8MP rear auto-focus camera with flash, the most advanced CMOS sensor and a large F/2.2 aperture, 5-element lens and hybrid IR filter design to ensure sufficient light exposure and making your photos bright and clear. ASUS TF700 camera is coming with high speed auto-focus and color enhancement design, provides 30% better color enhancement for crisp and vivid colors, allowing ASUS Prime TF700 to capture a clear and breathtaking pictures.

The ASUS Prime TF700 gives you the option to enjoy both in notebook and tablet mode and flexible data transfer or storage with the built-in SD card reader and USB port in the optional mobile dock. Besides offers a full QWERTY keyboard with touchpad and USB port, the mobile dock able to extend the battery life to an incredible 14 hours* for all day computing on the go.

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ASUS Prime TF700 Transformer Pros and Cons

Below are the honest reviews from customers who have purchased ASUS Prime TF700. Given reviews covering the pros and cons of ASUS TF700 how the opinion By Jason:

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Living up to the hype
By Jason Harrell (Pittsburgh, PA)

This review is from: ASUS TF700T-C1-GR 10.1-Inch Tablet (Gray)

My initial review: So after many months of waiting since returning my Asus Transformer Prime, I finally received my Infinity. For the most part it looks similar, but there are some noticeable enhancements. I’ll start with my pros and cons and will only mention things that matter to me, and I may miss somethings you find important. Just ask in the comments if you need any questions answered and I will do my best to get back to you.

ASUS Prime TF700 Pros:

  • I opted for the Amethyst Grey color this time around, and although I really like it, I think I prefer the Champagne Gold. But regardless, both colors are very nice. I don’t think you can really go wrong either way.
  • The screen is very nice and higher resolution to the previous Prime. I hear people complain about it being a fingerprint magnet, but I’ve used many tablets, and they ALL are fingerprint magnets. Using a stylus helps here, and the cloth that comes with it works perfectly for cleaning those fingerprints.
  • Asus did not load too much bloatware, and the stuff they did preload is mostly useful. Some people may not agree, but at least there aren’t too many really larger files preloaded.
  • I got the 64 GB model, and that is plenty of storage, plus the MicroSD card slot adds to that, and the cloud storage. We should be good to go for a while.
  • Sounds is excellent for being a single speaker. Using headphones sounds even better yet for music or games.
  • Power button is easier to use than the Prime, and the volume rocker is placed in a better location IMO.
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ASUS Prime TF700 Cons:

  • There can sometimes still be lag when scrolling, but nothing serious. And I hear JB OS will help that out too.
  • I think there are plenty of apps, free or paid, available for Android, but some people may prefer the Apple store for iPad since they have “more” apps. I do think Google Playstore should have a section for just apps enhanced for tablets rather than having us rely on tell each other, or finding out for ourselves. But so far, no problems.
  • Sometimes I feel like the tablet can dig into my hand when holding it and can be uncomfortable. But it feels better than the Prime did due to the slight redesign.

I have to say that I am impressed with this tablet, however I don’t notice a HUGE difference in the screen, since I don’t have the old Prime any longer to compare against it. Yes it is very nice though.

The redesign is very nice. I prefer the location of the volume rocker and headphone jack, and I like how the edge isn’t as beveled as the Prime, so the plugs aren’t as exposed, and the MicroSD card doesn’t stick out as far.

I have read some people’s reviews complaining about the plastic strip and the power/volume buttons looking and feeling cheap. I don’t find this to be true. It fixes the problems that the Prime had, and I think they did a great job redesigning it to blend well with the color. It feels very solid to me.

The one minor complaint that I had, which didn’t change my rating, it that Amazon listed this as available for order and available for 2 day deliver, which they did not hold up that. I have Amazon Prime and should get the 2 day delivery, however, I ordered mine Monday morning and received it Friday afternoon. According to my calculations, that is more than 2 days. Come on Amazon. Don’t post what you can’t deliver.

Eagerly awaiting the availability of the keyboard dock.

I will update my review as needed depending on my findings.

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